Being Something More with Karina Ayn Mirsky

Karina Ayn Mirsky, MA, ERYT, Sangha Yoga Institute

Take a sacred sabbatical from your busy life and the cold winter weather.  Join Karina Ayn Mirsky on the Pacific shore of the lush Costa Rican Rainforest.  This retreat offers an opportunity to restore your vital energy, revitalize your life, and reach into and out from your Heart. Learn more about Karina’s retreat and register

Community Kitchen: Fermented Tomatillo Salsa Verde


Trish Carty is a part of our 2015 Teaching Faculty. She is leading an incredible retreat, Fermentation for Your Mind, Body & Spirit on an amazing bio-dynamic farm February 7-14, 2015. Her blog, Keep the Beet keeps you on the cutting edge of the wonderful health benefits of fermented foods. This great summer salsa recipe

Being Something More with Alana Roach


Alana Roach is committed to getting the very most out of the spiritual experience she is having in this human lifetime. She has chosen to share her discoveries on the yoga mat with her students and the TNE Community is thrilled for her upcoming retreat, Explorations of Self, in Santa Teresa, January 2015. Here is

Being Something More with Trish Carty


Trish Carty is a part of the 2015 True Nature Yoga & Wellness Faculty. Her retreat, Fermentation for your Mind, Body, and Spirit combines nutrition with a focus on making your own fermented foods and yoga against the backdrop of the rainforest. Her blog, Keep the Beat, is packed full of wisdom, recipes and information

Defining Jungle Love – Karma Yoga in Action


Last week on yoga retreat with Missy Balsam Yoga, we had an amazing group come together at Finca Luna Nueva Lodge. For our service “karma” yoga project, we reached out to a local tico family — a mother and daughter — to give their house new life with a fresh coat of paint. Having endured

Being Something More – True Nature Education 2015 Yoga & Wellness Retreat Schedule Announced!


Have you ever been tugged with the question – “How can I be something more?”  Has your heart ever whispered in the early hours of the morning, reminding you of dreams yet to be realized, and then somehow, in just a whisper of that whisper, shared how to make it happen?  The True Nature Education

Into the Jungle Yoga Retreat with Missy Balsam


June is upon us, and that means that we’re just days from the launch of our next yoga retreat journey, Jungle Love! A Costa Rica Experience with Missy Balsam. For what is sure to be an incredible seven days, Missy and her students are preparing to embark on a journey of yoga retreat and adventure.

Five Ways to Create a Mindful Morning


“Good morning is not just a word, its an action and a belief to live the entire day well. Morning is the time when you set the tone for the rest of the day. Set it right!” Fain Blake     Every morning when we rise, each and every one of us are given a

Summer Sangha Retreat with Karina Ayn Mirsky & Friends


The True Nature Community extends beyond the retreats we host in Costa Rica.  Our family or sangha reaches right into the heart of the teachers we connect with and supporting them at home, in their local studios and the students and communities they serve on a daily basis. Karina Ayn Mirsky is more than family

A Day in the Life at a True Nature Retreat


Have you every wondered just what a day on a yoga retreat looks like?  What exactly will you be doing from the moment you open your eyes until you hit the pillow to go to sleep?  Welcome to your “virtual” day in the life at a True Nature Retreat. Take a deep breath and enjoy…

Being True To This Moment


We often get caught up in thinking that mindfulness, love and compassion will reveal themselves to us in a climatic and dramatic way.  We begin to “expect” something like this and with those expectations, we can miss the message that the present moment is sending us.  And that is, that this very moment is enough.

David Newman (Durga Das) Reflects on True Nature Experience {VIDEO}


“I know how much comes together to put a retreat on. It’s such a joy to work with Joshua, Luna and True Nature Education. They took care of everything and made the whole process easy so we could focus on what we enjoy doing most. We are really happy and hope to be back soon.”

Want to Lead a Yoga Retreat? The One Thing You Must Do


“That could be me….” We think we can speak for just about everyone who has ever signed up for a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course when we say that everyone, at one point or another(or hundreds of times!) has looked longingly at the image of a beautiful yogi practicing along the beach at a

Merging Missions: Service "Karma" Classes at Shakti Power Yoga Nashville


We’re only a few months away from the Shakti Yoga Costa Rica Experience, led by Shakti Power Yoga owners – and sisters! – Lauren Farina and Kelly Farina-Carter. This all-encompassing yoga retreat will include yoga practices, meditation practices, hiking, an opportunity to surf the waves, and the joy of service. Service yoga – aka “karma yoga”