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Be Well Live Well: Ayurvedic Embodiment

Be Well Live Well

Be Well Live Well

Spring time is all about cleansing and regrowth

As nature starts to lighten its load, us as humans start to mimic that in nature. Building new daily rituals, removing old patterns that don’t serve our authentic code, our highest self, and really diving into embodiment. There are many remedies for helping one get into their bodies and so I am going to share some of my favorites that have helped me transition into the spring time.

Since Spring is a Kapha season; heavy, wet, dense, and slow. We want to incorporate rituals that can balance these qualities. So, quicker, heated, and energizing. For example: more cardio and exercise daily, body rituals to move our lymphatic system, reduce napping, rise with the sun, indulge in saunas, and add energizing aromatherapy to our life. Drinking detox spring teas that will help our metabolism get back to action and limiting snacking/overeating. Taking herbal tinctures to support the immune system and transition is highly recommended as well since Spring is allergy season to the max!

Be Well Live Well

Now let’s talk embodiment for a second. What does that mean exactly? Most would automatically think it means to be able to look graceful and beautiful as we move our body. Sure, that is a part of embodiment to be able to feel your movements in a controlled manner, but truly only a section of the word. Feeling, incorporation, manifestation, realization… these are all synonyms that really put this word into play. Since this is a time to grow into the new, we must be able to FEEL and LISTEN in order to really dive into ourselves and that is the embodiment I am talking about. When we start to do daily practices, rituals if you will, then we start to become more connected with our true authentic self and get to really just BE with our body, mind, and spirit. Learning how to love more of ourselves, connect more, and find more peace in our lives. All of these practices that I am going to share with you all are tools to help enhance this sensation. Most products can be found locally near you at health food stores in their beauty department and of course, there is always online. I hope you all have a smooth and happy transition. Let’s dive into the rituals.

Be Well Live Well

Abhyanga (Self-Body massage/ Oiling of the skin)

For spring, you will want to use a lighter oil such as almond, or grapeseed and even infuse it with an energizing essential oil. This practice can help create a protective, strengthening force field around you for the day. It is best to apply the oil warmed up right before you shower. The warm water will help open the pores and so the oil will penetrate more deeply. Now I am talking, whole body and focus mostly on where the joints are. Rotate in a circular motion. This will start to move the blood flow in the body and form a deeper sense of self-acceptance and appreciation. Try to be gentle and loving with your touch.

dry brushing

Dry Brushing

So deeply beneficial in the spring time since water retention and weight gain are usually present. You will want to use a natural bristle dry brush, it is very easy to locate these at a local store. You will do this on dry skin and preferably before you oil or shower. Starting from the ankles, moving upward toward your heart, make small circular motions and really exaggerate in the areas of armpits, groin, chest, inner thighs and anywhere fats that may be more stubborn would generally hang out. This is really good to boost circulation and exfoliate/ stimulate this skin. The body should be more of a rosy color and this is a practice that should be welcomed at least twice a week before showers and oiling.

tongue scraping

Tongue Scraping

You can use a stainless steel or copper scraper for this and try to incorporate morning and night before brushing the teeth. Scrape the tongue at least 6 times from back to front and be mindful of your little taste buds in the back and tongue tissue. A mucus will likely appear so rinse as needed in the sink.

herbal tinctures

Herbal Tinctures

Now there are many ways of getting herbs for support during transitions but I am going to share my favorite company with you. This is a local small business in Ben Lomond, Ca (Santa Cruz Mountains) and is curated by an herbalist I know personally. He has been studying herbs for over 18 years and is literally an encyclopedia of herbs. These tinctures also taste delicious when most are pretty hard to chug down due to their taste. Calasha has a few different tinctures that would be supportive. I highly suggest for men and woman to each get the Vital Woman or Vital Man to help nourish your own particular body and then pair it with either the peaceful mind blend or lung support. The lung support is EXTREMELY beneficial for seasonal support and since Kapha can attack the respiratory system, this is a crucial key to keep in you balance and keep the body strong during the shifts. Their tinctures are sold locally in Santa Cruz but you can order through me directly! Email to find out more on these medicines.



ALWAYS crucial when going through any type of shift and to also speed up the embodiment process. Meditation can be at any time of the day but I highly suggest right upon waking and right before bed time. There are many free apps now on the phone that can guide you through a meditation or simply just give you some music to have in the background, and if you already have mantras incorporated in your daily habits then I highly suggest brining in an invocation. Mediation isn’t necessarily about quieting the mind but instead learning it and watching the thoughts that come in and learning to not attach but instead just watch. It is also one of my favorite ways of devotion and bringing myself back to my spirit, empowering myself and improve focus.

Be Well Live Well

Neti Pot

Think of this as flossing your nose. Important to use filtered warmed up water and salts specifically for the Neti, they will be sold in the same area as the pot and will be a fine grain sea salt. I highly suggest staying away from any plastic ones and spending a little more for the ceramics. This is for dislodging accumulation mucus and impurities that most definitely arise during the spring! Use in the morning and then only, try to not overdo it and always wash your Neti afterwards. You’ll boil the water and then let it rest with the salts to dissolve. Make sure to test the water before using, you should be able to hold your finger in there without any discomfort. Lean forward and tilt your head to one side and keeping the back of your neck extended, so bend your torso. Tip your head and place the spout into the top nostril and wait for the water to run out the other side. If the water is not draining after a few tries than wait till you can have more proper guidance in person. Make sure to follow the instructions for the amount of salts and so forth. You can find this at a local health food store.

Foods to start eating more of:

Pungent spices, dry whole grains, astringent fruits, lean proteins, bitter vegetables, and raw honey in moderation.

Think warming, light, dry, mobile, sharp and what is selling at your local farmers markets. That is always a key way to know what is seasonal or not.

Here is a recipe for a digestive tea for the spring:

2 cups water
1 inch fresh ginger root
1 star anise
3 cloves
3 peppercorns
1 tsp cinnamon powder

Bring water to boil. Coarsely chop the gingerroot and include the skin. Add everything to the water. Let boil for 1 minute then simmer on low with the pot covered for at least 10 minutes. Strain before drinking. Drink after meals throughout the day.

Happy Spring!



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Chelsea Shapouri, The Grains of LifeChelsea Shapouri is a Lifestyle Consultant for women and an Elemental Yoga Instructor based in Santa Cruz, CA. In her work, she offers Ayurvedic lifestyle modalities, Yoga, Breath work, Meditations, and Ayurvedic Recipes. Every client and student is rare and special to her. Chelsea’s mission is to find their unique rhythm, their primal-natural state, and from there support them with techniques and recipes that are meant for their bio-individuality. Harmony for the emotional body, physical body, and mental state is the embodiment she lives by and wishes to offer. Bringing people back home to themselves with techniques they can simply do themselves is what she lives for. The art of service is the art of love and she shares what has helped her heal for the hope to help others heal. Stay connected to Chelsea and read her story through social media or her website: