Reflecting Through Poem on the Rhythms of Joy


Following the 2nd Annual Rhythms of Joy Retreat with Tiina Kivinen in January 2014, one of the retreat participants, Rick, shared with us this beautiful poem that he used to reflect on his experience with True Nature Education and time in Costa Rica. He spent a week on a birding expedition following his time on

On Synchronicity and "Being in the Flow"


You know when everything feels connected?  Maybe you’ve run into a long lost friend at the grocery store who you’ve been meaning to catch up with.  Perhaps your yoga class focused on the exact part of your body that needed your attention. You feel like you are in the right place at the right time,

2nd Annual Rhythms of Joy Retreat: Waking Up from Silence


During the 2nd Annual Rhythms of Joy Retreat led by Tiina Kivinen with True Nature Education, we took an opportunity to be in silence.  This activity opened space to go deeper within ourselves, disconnecting from the daily chatter we partake in.  We were to be silent throughout the night until after the following morning’s meditation.  I spent

A Journey of the Heart through Service and Adventure – Asheville Community Yoga Retreat Experience


On our third day of the Asheville Community Yoga Costa Rica Yoga Experience, we visited the village of La Florida, the home for many years of Joshua Canter and Kristin Luna Ray, TNE Co-Founders. It was a sweet reunion with some dear old friends along with the special local Costa Rica community, which represented, in

The True Nature of Family


Just a couple of hours ago our Chant Together: A Family Bhakti Yoga Celebration with David ‘Durga Das’ Newman, Mira Newman, and Friends departed. It was a wonderfully rich week of retreat. Bhakti Yoga is also known as the yoga of devotion and love. The essence of this week was just that. Standing on the

Chanting Together in Costa Rica


We’re nearing the end of our Chant Together Kirtan yoga retreat with David Newman (“Durga Das”) and Friends, and it has been such a delightful journey!  Our group is wonderfully diverse, with participants ranging from age 2, all the way up beyond 60.  It has been so sweet to have parents and kids, husbands and

Asheville Community Yoga Center is Headed to Costa Rica in February


We’re so excited for this special partnership with our neighbors and dear friends at Asheville Community Yoga Center. Joshua and Luna will be leading the retreat along with ACYC’s Michael Greenfield, Kelly Gilmore, and Amber Acheson. Check out this link for more information about the retreat, and click on the video below to meet each of

What is Mindfulness Meditation?


Mindfulness is an integral part of True Nature Education. We have found by subtly utilizing mindfulness in our programs our participants are able to have a more memorable, rewarding, and profound experience while traveling with us. Why is this? Because when we are mindful we are able to experience the moment more fully, and therefore can

Just For Now: Wrapping Up the Mind|Body|Yoga|Fitness Retreat


Just for now, without asking how, let yourself sink into stillness. Just for now, lay down the weight you so patiently bear upon your shoulders. Feel the earth receive you, and the infinite expanse of sky grow even wider as your awareness reaches up to meet it.   Just for now, allow a wave of

Tales from the Road: Scenic Overlook


Our trip to Costa Rica and Finca Luna Nueva has allowed me and the eight remarkable women on this trip time to relax, reflect and connect in conversation in the awesome beauty of the rainforest and the powerful shadows of Arenal volcano. The nine of us have a common denominator: We are “driven” and bear

2nd Annual Mind|Body|Fitness|Yoga Costa Rica Experience Begins…


Our journey to Costa Rica began months ago as we planned to return to Costa Rica again in 2013 after a fabulous adventure to the Guanacaste coast in 2012. Most of us were able to arrange life to get back to Costa Rica this year, some were off to other adventures and we have added

Guest Post: Rhythms of Joy Yoga Retreat Great Success!


This was written by Tiina Kivinen, retreat leader of our first yoga retreat of the 2013 season, the Rhythms of Joy: A Costa Rica Experience, from 1/12-1/19: Love from Nosara Costa Rica! We just completed the Rhythms of Joy Costa Rica Yoga Retreat last week, and I am basking in the afterglow. The experience brought

Helping Baby Sea Turtles Journey to the Pacific

We woke up at a.m. this morning to venture to Nicoya Peninsula in Nosara, Costa Rica, to watch the amazing, inspiring voyage of the hatching of baby sea turtles crawling to their ocean plunge. We were there to help them along the way, protecting them from potential predators to scoop them up, as these vulnerable

Catching Up with Karina Mirsky on her Upcoming Yoga Retreats with TNE


The holidays are already upon us, meaning that the commencement of the 2013 True Nature Education retreat season is almost here. As we begin the new year, our yoga retreats lead the way. Our second retreat, the 4th Annual Karma Yoga Experience, is co-hosted by Karina Mirsky along with TNE co-owners, Joshua Canter and Kristin Luna Ray. Karina is