Three Questions for a Path of Purpose this Summer

summer travel

First, I planned a trip to Colombia. Then, a dear friend set her wedding date in California. A few days later, my dad broke his hip in Texas. I live in Florida, so now, I have three big trips planned in the next 2½ months. Here are three questions I plan to take with me

Sun Salutations – Summer Solstice

summer solstice

Summer is nearly upon us in the northern hemisphere. On June 21, 2019 the sun will travel on its longest path, providing the most daylight. The summer solstice is all about reflection and connecting to the natural world. By observing the sun, the body creates mindfulness to see the sun’s light within and help center

Transformation and Change: How Nature’s Seasons Affect Us

Transformation and Change

Transformation and change are both part of life and nature and its seasons constantly remind us that these occur naturally. We must go through all phases in order to grow and although we might resist change, it will happen regardless. If we become in tune with nature, we can learn to flow more freely with

Rainforest Medicine: A Podcast with True Nature Leader Farah Nazarali


Mindful walking through temperate and tropical rainforests of the Earth are an incredible away to awaken present-moment awareness, invigorate our pranic (subtle energetic) body, nourish our retinas and pineal glands, soothe our nervous system and remind us of our inter-connectedness with the Earth as a living being. The Japanese call this practice- shinrin yoku or

Be Well Live Well: Ayurvedic Embodiment

Be Well Live Well

Spring time is all about cleansing and regrowth As nature starts to lighten its load, us as humans start to mimic that in nature. Building new daily rituals, removing old patterns that don’t serve our authentic code, our highest self, and really diving into embodiment. There are many remedies for helping one get into their

Self-care Habits to Live as your Best Self


Implementing self-care habits can create a harmonious way of life, by bringing our energy and focus to our health and wellbeing. We are often taught that compassion and kindness are about giving to others, but we must first do so for ourselves in order to understand the meaning of these. Only by honouring our own

25 Songs in Spanish to Inspire Your Next Trip to Latin America

Latin American Playlist

The First Time I Heard Spanish Her happy voice caught my ear as I passed by the house. She was laughing and sweetly teasing her children from her chair on the porch. I had no idea what she was saying, but in her natural speaking voice, she practically sang the most vibrant, expressive string of

Forming a Deep Connection with Mother Earth for World Earth Day

World Earth Day

  April is all about World Earth Day, a great day of honouring Mother Nature and its powerful energy. Celebrating this, we can engage in different practices which help us connect with this grounding force and come in closer contact with it. This month, devote some time to bring alignment within your energetic self by

Battling Stress with Yoga

Battling Stress with Yoga

There is such a thing as being physically healthy while also being extremely stressed. However, this is a precarious balance that can’t be maintained for long, simply because stress inevitably affects physical health. The American Psychological Association provides an overview of how much stress, particularly chronic stress, can actually introduce prolonged changes to your physiology. In short,

Living Yoga in India

yoga journey India

February 2019 had many astrologically auspicious dates to dip in the holy river Ganges. In fact millions of people from different spiritual paths joined together for Ardh Kumbh Mela a great display of collective consciousness to bathe in the sacred river. Maa Ganga is the essence of ancient wisdom and she offers more than just

Spring Detox Tea

Spring Detox Tea

  “The rivers are swollen with snowmelt, and the sap is starting to run in the trees. All the moisture that was bound by freezing temperatures is now moving to clear winter stagnation.” -Cara Barstrom. Just as nature is starting to unfold from its slumber, our bodies start to crave a sense of lightning and

Honour Yourself with a Therapeutic Spring Clean


As we begin to approach the spring season, it’s the perfect opportunity to give our mind a good cleanse from all the overthinking, worry and stress. With all the super-moons we’ve had this year so far, this is a great time to do a reset mentally, physically and emotionally. What will you manifest this year?

Be Your Own Valentine: 5 Ways to Cultivate Self Love

5 Ways to Cultivate Self Love

When Sandi Morris won the 2018 Pole Vault World Championship, she cleared the bar, fell to the mat, sat right up in exaltation, and then… she curled into a ball, clasped her hands to her chest, and took a quick moment for her own inner joy. “That woman has a relationship with herself,” I thought,

Uncovering Your Essence with Alyssa Snow

Alyssa snow

True Nature was able to spend some time getting to know Yoga Teacher, Shaman, and Spiritual Teacher, Alyssa Snow. Take a glimpse into her upcoming retreat in Guatemala. TN: How does the idea of “Uncovering Your Essence” play into your upcoming Yoga Retreat, and what themes do you see coming up throughout the journey? A: We