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7 Tips To Follow While Travelling In Times Of Coronavirus

7 tips while traveling during coronavirus

7 tips while traveling during coronavirus

Coronavirus made its first mark in December and then in some parts post-February. Little did we know back then that our lives were going to change forever. From worrying to stressing, from
having panic attacks to being borderline depressed- this is the new normal for many of us. And the number keeps increasing every day. What seems like one lifetime ago, we used to go
travel to all the places that piqued our interest, and come back refreshed and rejuvenated. Everyone has almost forgotten what travel used to feel like. However, many people are trying to shift back to the life of normalcy and make efforts to plan, organize, and execute travel with their loved ones. After all, everyone deserves it.

While for many traveling still seems to be a bleak possibility, some countries have opened their doors to tourists by showing caution and a lot of courage. This decision is mainly based on the
fact that many heavily depend on tourism for their revenues. The safety lies in your hands first, and therefore, there are specific sets of things that must be kept in mind if you are traveling in
the coronavirus time. Following are recommendations and tips if you plan a trip away from current conditions, if only for a little while:

1. Get permission from Authorities.

With the coronavirus cases rising with every passing day, governments are adopting stricter measures to contain the spread and restrict movement. While the travel industry is trying to make a comeback, you must travel by keeping certain things in mind. One of the most critical things which should be kept under consideration is getting permission from the authorities.
Travel in the times of coronavirus is not about cleaning your car, sanitizing its seats, packing up roof rack accessories, and getting ready to be on the move. If you are traveling in such times, you must keep in mind getting the pass/permit to cross boundaries across different states. Many countries have already started issuing electronic passes online.

7 tips while traveling during coronavirus

2. Prepare for the worst.

Prepare for the worst circumstances. Carry extra money, carry international credit cards, enable net banking, and carry emergency supplies. Being prepared for the worst is an extremely crucial tip that you must keep in mind while traveling in the times of Coronavirus. The truth is that nobody anticipated the coronavirus outbreak. Several passengers and travelers got trapped where they were. So many people remained stuck at one particular destination for months because an unexpected lockdown was announced.

Similarly, it is essential to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances, and in case the virus takes a sharp turn, and the cases start spreading even more rapidly. It is imperative that you either wait for a vaccine. If not, you can be extremely careful and mentally prepared for any adverse situation regarding the virus. This includes carrying all medication, health insurance, digital currency, and more.

3. Travel only when necessary.

The rise of this virus has dried off the aviation and travel sector. Hotels are vacant, and not many people are traveling. One crucial tip to keep in mind while traveling under these circumstances would be to move only when necessary. If you are going during such times, you must make sure that you follow all the safety measures and scan through the hotel that you will be booking. Under such situations, it is critical to book a hotel offering sanitization, health checks, and proper cleanliness to provide travelers the best experience.

7 tips while traveling during coronavirus

4. Remember to protect yourself.

If you are wailing by the beach or trekking in the mountains, you must protect yourself. Therefore, you must wear a mask and gloves at all times, irrespective of whether you see people around you or not. Even while you are shopping at malls or visiting the slightest of crowded places, always remember to sanitize your hands when you touch any surface. Moreover, ensure you do not come in contact with anyone who is sneezing or coughing. Be especially conscious if you are touching an elevator button or exchanging currency notes with a vendor.

5. Avoid eating out

One of the best ways to keep yourself safe while on vacation in times of coronavirus is to avoid eating out. This alternative saves you some bucks, but it also helps you cook your meals. You
can do this only when you book an Airbnb or a hotel that provides you with basics like an electric kettle or a microwave to cook in. Cooking your meals will drastically reduce your chances of catching the virus. In such a case, all you need to do is pack some basic food with you in your suitcase or at the maximum, visit the nearest grocery store to buy basic meals which can be cooked on the go.

Few of such portable food items include sandwiches, toasts, noodles, etc. You should also pack along a few alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so that you don’t have to buy them. Keep
your purchases to a minimum while traveling since this will decrease the probability of you coming in contact with the sellers, touching the notes they carry, or even the items that you buy.
If you do buy something at all, make sure you wipe it with a sanitizing cloth to kill the virus.

7 tips while traveling during coronavirus