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Equity & True Nature

The True Nature community prioritizes equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice for our global family of participants, leaders, partners, staff, and students.

We value our differences. We are a multi-racial and multi-ethnic community. We come from mixed socio-economic backgrounds. We are immigrants and the children of immigrants. Our leaders, participants, and partners represent a diversity of histories and backgrounds.

We respect one another. True Nature is deeply rooted in the fostering of mindfulness and the creation of a loving community. We strive to build a transformative, holistic, cultural, and joyful travel experience in which we provide a gateway to discover the world and provide service through meaningful ways.

We engage in discussion and learning about power, privilege, and injustice. True Nature is committed to empowering our global family by connecting with cultures and communities around the world. We believe in the importance of cultural exchange and growth.

We evolve. We are committed to self-improvement, and to our part in creating a more equitable world. We work to increase access for, and to better welcome and embrace communities that have been historically marginalized and underserved. We invite you to travel the world with us and be a part of our community.

Our Values

True Nature is committed to equity and inclusion in our:

  • Retreats and Programs
  • Hiring and Professional Development Structure
  • Community Culture
  • Curriculum and Instructional Practice
  • Global Vendor and Partner Relations

True Nature is dedicated to these values and practices and will continue to learn and grow through the mission of becoming one global family.