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5 Best Summer Adventures You Don’t Want to Miss


Summer has finally arrived, so now it’s time to figure out how you can take full advantage of these sun-filled days! Many of us work during the weekdays, so this requires us to get creative with our limited hours of freedom in the evenings and on the weekends. Here are just a few summer adventures to make this the best summer ever!

Climb some rocks!


Whether you prefer to stay close to the ground or enjoy the thrill of getting high on a mountain face, climbing has a little something for every adventurer! Don’t have any gear?? Not a problem! Try out some boulder problems with a friend there to spot you or cruise over to your local climbing gym. If you are looking to go big and advance your climbing skills while getting some traveling in, check out The Ultimate Greece Climbing Adventure with professional climber Sasha Diguilian! This 6-day climbing retreat will give you the opportunity to explore a mecca for rock climbers, while learning within a community of fellow climbers.  You are guaranteed to return home feeling renewed and stronger than you ever thought possible!

Not a fan of the heat? Get underground and explore some caves!


Wherever you are, there is sure to be a cave not far away. Take a drive and check out the awe-inspiring flowstones, stalagmites, and stalactites. Test your mental fortitude by squeezing through cracks and holes formed by rocks and water deep within the earth. This is your chance to view our planet from beneath its surface! Just be sure to follow all rules and regulations in order to help preserve the caves and be a responsible caver!

Paddle your way through familiar territory


Most of us have seen our neighboring woods by hiking or biking through them, but have you explored your local nature by water? Enjoy a day with friends or solo, in a canoe, SUP, kayak or tube. This is an awesome way to soak up some sunshine, while viewing nature from a new perspective. Check out the wildlife and venture into new coves and creeks, jumping in to cool off when it gets too hot. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it!

Get active by moonlight


With warmer nights ahead, it will be easy to stay active late into the night. Your summer adventures don’t all have to be in the sun! In fact, cooler evening temperatures make getting active even more enjoyable! Take on your favorite outdoor adventure under the light of the moon. Whether you are hiking, kayaking or climbing, any activity you choose will feel like a completely new experience!

Enjoy the open road


Whether your destination is the beach or the mountains, or even grandma’s house, enjoy time with yourself, friends and family on a quality road trip! Make spontaneous pit stops or plan your route and choose specific locations worthy of a visit; because like they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!


About the Author

Megan George, a nomadic traveler at heart, has momentarily settled down to pursue her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Asheville, NC. She strives to keep her own mental health in balance by creating art and spending as much time in the nearby forests as possible. Any given weekend you might find Megan out climbing rocks, paddling along rivers, or in search of soft moss and new wildlife.