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Are you itching to go backpacking across the globe? Or do you want to experience a river adventure? For your debut adventure trip, you have countless options for destinations and activities, making its planning genuinely challenging.

Nevertheless, you can have an enjoyable adventure tour only with careful planning. Adventure trips are so full of uncertainties. Hence you can’t afford to rely on last-minute organizing. When it’s your first time here, the obvious question that you’ll ask is, “Where do I even begin?”

Here is a step by step guide to your first adventure trip

Choose your destination carefully – Depending on the time and budget you can allocate towards your adventure trip, you can come up with potential travel destinations. Thorough research of these places is an essential aspect of planning any trip. It becomes all the more important while planning your first adventure trip, giving you a clear idea of the likely destinations’ offerings.

This way you can select the most appropriate place and the most enjoyable activities for your trip. Furthermore, you’ll know what to pack and what precautions regarding health and safety you must take.

Online resources offer the most up-to-date info. It’s best to browse destinations’ official tourism sites. First-hand advice, i.e. information from somebody who’s traveled recently to similar places is available through online forums. Feel free to ask questions about adventure travel here. For instance, if trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro excites you, search the web for finding out such a trip’s likely cost.

Decide on the right time to travel

When it comes to adventure travel, bad or unstable weather can ruin your trip. So, the climate is a crucial factor in deciding when to travel. For instance, hiking snow-clogged mountain passes is certainly a bad idea. Besides climate, you must also consider other important factors like overcrowding and seasonal cost. This way you can easily fend off peak-season crowding and costs.

While predicting accurate weather is not possible, studying your destination will certainly offer insights on weather trends in advance. Booking your adventure trip ahead of time, particularly, if you’ve chosen to travel to a popular place during the peak period, will get you early-booking discounts. So, make sure to book the famous national park hotel rooms a year earlier.

Understand your limitations 

Be a realist. Know your level of fitness and ensure that you’ll be able to do what your adventure trip calls for. For instance, booking a Kilimanjaro hike without undergoing high-altitude training, or choosing to kayak in Alaska in spite of being prone to seasickness are sure to cause embarrassment, waste your money, and last but not least prove dangerous.

So, before booking your adventure trip, consult a guide, while also telling you about your fitness routine. Also, seek fitness recommendations and study training guides. You must know what your adventure trip involves. Don’t deceive yourself regarding your own mental and physical fitness, and also ensure sufficient time for training before you set out for your destination.

 Go for travel insurance

What if you miss a trip or suffer from an injury while on the trip? Purchasing travel insurance before you set out on your adventure tour will help you greatly in these and similar circumstances. Most adventure tour agents make it mandatory for travelers to have insurance.

Being covered for sickness, the untimely death of near and dear ones or even a sudden financial crisis faced by your tour operator will safeguard your monetary investment should you have to cancel your trip owing to such or similar reasons.

Besides purchasing trip-cancellation insurance, also ensure that you have medical insurance which helps bear your treatment costs should you fall ill or meet with an accident while you’re traveling.

Adventure guide

Make Appropriate Travel Arrangements

Once you’ve finalized your destination and itinerary, proceed to arrange for travel and accommodation. While booking flights, you can go for either a whole Round-The-World (RTW) ticket to your chosen places or simply book-as-you-go. Signing up for budget airlines’ e-letters will get you the best deals possible.

If you’ve planned an off-road motorcycle adventure, ensure that you have motorcycle accessories concurring with it, for instance, airbag jacket and smart braking module.

For your first adventure trip, plan to stay in cabins, eco camps or luxury tents, jungle resorts, or simply go for traditional camping with your tent. No matter what accommodation you choose, ensure that it’ll enhance the thrill and enjoyment of your adventure trip.

Make sure to pack in essentials

While packing light means packing smart, it’s equally vital to not leave out any essentials. This way you’ll travel comfortably without landing up in difficult situations. For instance, if you’re traveling high up in the Himalayas and plan to stay in a cold, enclosed teahouse at a very high altitude, it only makes sense to carry your puffed-out jacket.

So, first, figure out the critical items you need to pack. While researching your destination, you’ll know if you need specialized equipment, mountaineering or rafting permits, and specific medication for your trip.

Last but not least, don’t forget to carry originals as well as copies of your important travel documents, cash and credit cards, and a waist pouch or money belt to hide most of your cash.


On reading this guide, you’re sure to sail through your first adventure trip smoothly and return with memorable experiences. What’s more, in due course, you’d be guiding another newbie.


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Do you feel out of balance? Are you overwhelmed with work and family obligations? Well, it’s time you did something good for your body and mind. Getting outdoors will bring you many benefits, especially if you mix it with exercising. Here are some of the best outdoor activities that will rejuvenate your body and de-stress your mind. 


This is a great physical activity for all people who are not in any enviable form yet still want to enjoy moving and spending time in nature. All you need for a nice hike is some good shoes and a safe stretch of nature to explore. In a single demanding hike, you can burn as much as 500 calories and if you hit the hills, even more! But more importantly, you will get in touch with nature and clear your mind. Plus, amazing scenery and relaxing nature sounds will finally unglue you from your phone which is amazing for mental health. 

Bike rides

If you enjoy the fresh air and an open road in front of you, try cycling. A short trip on your bike will provide you with plenty of exercises and some time to think about whatever’s troubling you. Depending on where you’re going, there are different types of bikes. A good city bike will take you wherever you want to go on a paved road, while a mountain bike is more suitable for rugged terrain. Whichever type you prefer, you can expect great mental and physical health benefits. Pedaling is great for building lower-body muscles but it’s also good for cardiovascular health. Plus, fresh air and wind in your face will feel so refreshing and rejuvenating.



Running is one of the best whole-body activities you can perform in nature. It’s a great way to clear out your head, relieve stress and enjoy some time by yourself to reflect. Additionally, it’s very good for your fitness and physical health too. It’s a great way to maintain a healthy weight, build lean muscles and improve cardiovascular health. But, running can be quite demanding, especially outdoors on the rugged surface and non-level terrain. So, in order to prevent injury and have more enjoyable running sessions, it’s best to include some leg workouts into your workout regime that will turn you into a real runner in no time. Most of these can be done anywhere and with minimal equipment (some weights and a stability ball) so you can introduce them into your life without too much trouble. 


If you’re used to just lounging at the beach or splashing around in the shallows, it will surprise you that swimming is a great whole-body workout. It’s also very low-impact, which means you can enjoy it while recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain (it’s a perfect exercise for seniors or overweight people). And expect a lot of resistance from water—it will increase muscle mass and tone your body. If you choose to go swimming in the ocean, river or lake, you will be completely surrounded by natural peace and beauties that will make all your stress and anxiety leave your head and sink to the bottom.

Outdoor yoga

If you’re looking for a way to connect with nature and reach inner peace, yoga is your answer, especially if you practice it outside. It can help you solve many of your problems concerning your body, mind, and soul. A good yoga teacher designs classes with exactly these points in mind and they can offer positive encouragement and guidance towards a healthy body and stress-free mind. 

Choosing to practice yoga poses outdoors is especially beneficial since it allows you to achieve harmony with the world that surrounds you. It’s much easier to achieve relaxation in a nurturing outdoor environment. And since breathing is a huge part of yoga, the freshness of the air outside provided by trees, plants and cool temperatures will supply you with extra oxygen.

Meditation in nature

Similar to yoga, meditation in nature is also a great way to reach inner peace. And practicing outdoor meditation is really easy. All you need to do is find a park, forest or even a beach and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind release all tension and time and work obligation concerns. It’s a great way to de-stress and relieve tension from both body and mind. You will also learn a lot about yourself and practice mindfulness we all lack in this world filled with distractions and fast pleasures.


If you step outside, you will find it much easier to reach balance and harmony inside. So, grab your shoes and your water bottle and step out for an invigorating run, fun bike ride or relaxing yoga session as soon as you can!


Morgan Rose Elliott is an aromatherapist, yoga instructor, animal lover, a happily married mother of three. She enjoys reading biographies and writing poems, sunny days on the beach and any shape and form of vanilla. Crazy about the ’80s, her favorite band is Duran Duran (although kids prefer Franz Ferdinand, and the husband Blink182) and she is obsessed with Netflix original Stranger things.

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By most standards, I’ve lived an adventurous life: horseback trekking in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, rock climbing in Thailand, spending over a year dancing salsa in Colombia…

These big, outer adventures happen because I keep a mindset that welcomes new experiences no matter where I am, so the moment I read the news that Independence Day fireworks were scheduled for our local beach here in South Florida, I felt called to go. I knew it would be an adventure!

I have a vivid childhood memory of sitting joyfully in the bed of a pickup truck with my cousins in rural Massachusetts, eating ice cream, and watching as fireworks lit the summer sky above the pine forest. I can still hear my aunt oohing and ahhing with each explosion.

For Buddhists, the sky evokes the vast, spacious nature of consciousness, while mandalas represent the cosmology of the Universe. Peering into the heavens and “merging” the mind with the sky can elicit a sky-like quality of awareness. When fireworks throw luminous mandalas all over the heavens, such meditation occurs naturally. The mind clears, and the psyche kaleidoscopes into open awe.

Since I also formed beautiful memories of this holiday ritual during childhood, I can easily tap into the inner child wonder of it all.


Going for a firework adventure this year led to these six meditative insights:

Center and Let Go

Just as the sand mandalas of the Tibetan tradition are steadfastly assembled, with careful attention to detail, then dissolved in a whoosh, fireworks offer us an organized expression of sparkling beauty, followed by nothing to hold on to. The image centers us in the present moment, then asks us to let go. With non-attachment, we get to keep moving and avoid getting stuck.


Be Prolific

For ten minutes or more, hundreds of packages – painstakingly designed and assembled by mysterious hands – shoot into the air and explode with color and creativity. Each one is unique, a surprise. The glimmering diversity cries out: “Be prolific! Bring all your inspired ideas into being! Life is short. What are you waiting for? Create!”

Let Your Life In

To hear what a firework teaches, you have to put down your phone and get direct. Take your experience in through the eyes, the ears, the lens of the mind, the lungs breathing, the reverberations in the bones. Don’t try to capture a copy for later. Pay full attention. Let your life straight in as it unfolds. No filter.

Give Yourself Adventures of Discovery

AdventureWe recognize childhood as a sacred time, so we give children rituals to bless their lives, tapping them into self-discovery and the amazing world around them. We sing with them, tell them stories, and count the stars. We show them how to hear the ocean in a shell. We take them to see fireworks.

Adulthood deserves reverence, too. Bless your adult life with regular holiday rituals and adventures of discovery. Reinvent traditions. Do things you’ve never done before. Use your imagination! Psst… When there’s a fireworks show in your neighborhood, go!

Do What You Yearn for Sooner

What yearning keeps calling to you? Stop ignoring it! This is your true self asking you to cooperate. Do what you yearn for sooner, and like a firework, be quick about it! Don’t hesitate! If the way is dark like the night sky, trust that when you light the fuse of your own yearning, the path will appear.

Choose Something Glorious and Go All In

Choice is the secret sauce of being a human. Choice gives us the power to change, to face our fears, to forgive, and to connect.

Choose what inspires you the way a firework goes all in and showers the world with breath-taking beauty. Don’t hold back. The spark you have inside of you is sacred. Let it become a bright gift to the world.

In the end, the best thing about having an adventurous spirit isn’t the adventures themselves or even the memories they create; it’s the way exploring opens us up to insights about ourselves, others, and the world.

When you do something different, it shifts your seeing, so plan an adventure today!



Delana Thompson helps spiritually-inclined entrepreneurs express their hearts and expand their influence with authentic copywriting, project management,delana thompson and professional delivery of their online content. Her clients include teachers and practitioners of meditation, yoga, ayurveda, shamanic healing, astrology, and fine art. When she’s not writing marketing emails or designing landing pages, you’ll find Delana salsa dancing, practicing meditation, planning a trip, listening to a podcast, speaking Spanish, or missing all her faraway friends. Visit Delana on LinkedIn to learn more about her business.



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First, I planned a trip to Colombia. Then, a dear friend set her wedding date in California. A few days later, my dad broke his hip in Texas. I live in Florida, so now, I have three big trips planned in the next 2½ months.

Here are three questions I plan to take with me in my hip pocket to help me use my energy wisely, make the best decisions I can, and travel with purpose this summer.

sumer travel
What’s Meaningful Now?

Meaningful experiences can be elusive. It’s no wonder we want to travel on big adventures to far away places! Maybe we’ll get some meaningful luminosity into our veins that we can bring home to light our world.

All the meaning we experience in life, we create ourselves, out of our own minds. The world itself remains inherently neutral. That’s why “What’s meaningful now?” is such an important question!

My first meditation teacher, Sarah Powers, taught “What’s meaningful now?” as a way of staying with the heart and taking responsibility for ourselves.

The question calls up present moment guidance for making decisions and prevents us from sleepwalking through life. It taps us into creativity and frees us from ideas about what we should do or be. It helps us take advantage of opportunities and prevents regret.

This summer, ask, “What’s meaningful now?” and follow the thread.

summer travel

What’s Really Going On?

Life can be dramatic, emotional, confusing.

“What’s really going on?” takes us below the surface with curiosity about what we’re not seeing. It asks us to stretch beyond our assumptions, into wider realizations about the world and deeper understandings of ourselves.

“What’s really going on?” teaches us to reflect things as they are. It illuminates causes and context, so everything stands in its true shape, free from the light our preferences may cast.

I regularly use “What’s really going on?” for insight into anger. It always uncovers a more vulnerable feeling underneath, like fear, hurt, fatigue, or embarrassment. Then, I can honor that feeling instead of being driven around by my anger.

If your travels take you into situations, places, or cultures that are new to you, this question will help you get out of your head, pay attention, and engage more deeply.

You will be tempted by this question to analyze or tell a story about what’s happening. Don’t try to figure anything out! Feel into your body, and make more subtle observations. Maintain kindness.

adventure travel

How can I help?

If we’re not careful, a big vacation, a travel adventure, or an international retreat can end up being all about me, me, me! “How can I help?” provides an antidote to becoming self-absorbed and spurs us to connect with others.

When you’re traveling, “How can I help?” defers authority to local wisdom and makes you a good guest. Asked with humility, this question can pierce through awkward circumstances of inequality and shift you into listening and respect.

This question also makes us aware of our gifts and our agency. It points us to what we can do in this world of overwhelm.

“How can I help?” is an evolutionary question that leapfrogs ego’s desires and complaints to reconnect us with generosity and abundance. An attitude of “How can I help?” makes the world safer for everyone to explore, take risks, and grow.

Are you picturing yourself planting trees or feeding the homeless? Great! Also know that helping can look like taking a step back and giving space to others. It can look like patience. Or a smile.

Practice these questions. Put them in your pocket this summer, and take them with you… to the beach, as you step off the plane, while sipping your morning tea, to plan your next adventure.

Let the questions be touchstones – a way to take refuge in wisdom. Some days, they’ll reveal great insights. Other days, you’ll get silence in return. That’s ok! “I don’t know,” is always a valid response! Let yourself experience “don’t know” mind. Become better acquainted with uncertainty.

Notice how the ritual of being with these questions develops. Keep them with you until they’ve served their purpose, then let them go, and begin your next practice on life’s journey.

summer travel



Delana Thompson helps spiritually-inclined entrepreneurs express their hearts and expand their influence with authentic copywriting, project management,delana thompson and professional delivery of their online content. Her clients include teachers and practitioners of meditation, yoga, ayurveda, shamanic healing, astrology, and fine art. When she’s not writing marketing emails or designing landing pages, you’ll find Delana salsa dancing, practicing meditation, planning a trip, listening to a podcast, speaking Spanish, or missing all her faraway friends. Visit Delana on LinkedIn to learn more about her business.

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Some people fear the unknown; I chase it. Bungee jumping over waterfalls; zip lining through the rainforest; climbing barefoot in the mountains of Peru… adventure is my True Nature and it’s something I’ve pursued with eagerness and joy since I was a young girl.

Most of my adventures tend to be outward facing. I’m frequently pursuing the kind of adventures that will make my heart beat faster and cause my parents to shake their heads and wonder how they ended up with such a free spirit for a daughter. However, my recent trip to India brought with it a different kind of adventure.

My two weeks in India appear fairly tame at first glance. I spent a lot of time visiting different retreat centers and exploring potential partners for True Nature Travels. My excursions consisted of trips to ashrams and gorging myself on naan and mango; hardly the type of activities that lead to an adrenaline rush. And yet, if there’s one thing I have learned from a life of travel, it’s that adventure is often found where you least expect it.

India is known for being what many travelers have coined a “sensory overload.” Between the constant onslaught of horns, the overwhelming aroma of curry, and the endless rainbow of vibrant textiles, it’s easy to lose yourself in the infinite stimuli of India.

But beneath all that is a layer of peace and stillness that beckons to those seeking a deeper adventure. Only, it’s not an adventure in the typical sense. It’s an adventure of Self.

There is a rich history of spirituality in India. Yogis, Sufis, Muslims, Christians, and Hindus alike have dominated the Indian religious scene at one point or another and it has caused a spiritual playing field to be born in India that pulses with the energy left behind by thousands of mystics and gurus. For those who are open to it, India is a country ripe with transformative power.

I have visited India two times now, and both trips have been dominated by an inner exploration I did not expect and was hardly ready for. Both visits have led me down paths full of spiritual questioning and self-exploration. In India, I explored a different sort of unknown. Not the unknown I was used to, namely, some thrilling question mark beyond the river bend. But rather, an inner unknown; an unexplored piece of my own Self.

Enter India as an adventurer and you’ll be amazed by the journeys you may embark on.

Keep the spirit of curiosity, the open mind, and the thrill at the unknown that characterize an adventurer and you’ll quickly learn that spiritual seeker and adventurer are more synonymous than you may have once thought. Approach India with an open heart and a receptive mind and before you know it, you’ll be on an adventure unlike any you could have ever dreamed of.

About the Author

Sarah DittmoreSarah Dittmore, the Director of Operations at True Nature Travels, is always seeking a new adventure. When she’s not barefoot hiking in the mountains of Peru, kayaking around an island off the coast of Italy, or camping in a rainforest in Costa Rica, Sarah writes about her adventures on her travel blog, Autobiography of an Adventurer. Join her as she travels the world and documents the wild and wonderful things she discovers along the way at

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Summer has finally arrived, so now it’s time to figure out how you can take full advantage of these sun-filled days! Many of us work during the weekdays, so this requires us to get creative with our limited hours of freedom in the evenings and on the weekends. Here are just a few summer adventures to make this the best summer ever!

Climb some rocks!


Whether you prefer to stay close to the ground or enjoy the thrill of getting high on a mountain face, climbing has a little something for every adventurer! Don’t have any gear?? Not a problem! Try out some boulder problems with a friend there to spot you or cruise over to your local climbing gym. If you are looking to go big and advance your climbing skills while getting some traveling in, check out The Ultimate Greece Climbing Adventure with professional climber Sasha Diguilian! This 6-day climbing retreat will give you the opportunity to explore a mecca for rock climbers, while learning within a community of fellow climbers.  You are guaranteed to return home feeling renewed and stronger than you ever thought possible!

Not a fan of the heat? Get underground and explore some caves!


Wherever you are, there is sure to be a cave not far away. Take a drive and check out the awe-inspiring flowstones, stalagmites, and stalactites. Test your mental fortitude by squeezing through cracks and holes formed by rocks and water deep within the earth. This is your chance to view our planet from beneath its surface! Just be sure to follow all rules and regulations in order to help preserve the caves and be a responsible caver!

Paddle your way through familiar territory


Most of us have seen our neighboring woods by hiking or biking through them, but have you explored your local nature by water? Enjoy a day with friends or solo, in a canoe, SUP, kayak or tube. This is an awesome way to soak up some sunshine, while viewing nature from a new perspective. Check out the wildlife and venture into new coves and creeks, jumping in to cool off when it gets too hot. Bring a picnic lunch and make a day of it!

Get active by moonlight


With warmer nights ahead, it will be easy to stay active late into the night. Your summer adventures don’t all have to be in the sun! In fact, cooler evening temperatures make getting active even more enjoyable! Take on your favorite outdoor adventure under the light of the moon. Whether you are hiking, kayaking or climbing, any activity you choose will feel like a completely new experience!

Enjoy the open road


Whether your destination is the beach or the mountains, or even grandma’s house, enjoy time with yourself, friends and family on a quality road trip! Make spontaneous pit stops or plan your route and choose specific locations worthy of a visit; because like they say, it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey!


About the Author

Megan George, a nomadic traveler at heart, has momentarily settled down to pursue her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Asheville, NC. She strives to keep her own mental health in balance by creating art and spending as much time in the nearby forests as possible. Any given weekend you might find Megan out climbing rocks, paddling along rivers, or in search of soft moss and new wildlife.