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4 Tips for Planning a Safe Road Trip

The COVID-19 pandemic may have forced you to put your travel plans for 2020 on hold. But as restrictions lift, you might be interested in exploring past your own backyard once more, especially during the holiday season. In 2021, travelers will begin venturing out again while taking steps to stay safe. You may want to travel with a group to a far-off destination through
True Nature Travels, or you may be daydreaming about an exciting road trip! With these tips, you’ll be able to plan one without risking your health and safety.


Car Maintenance

Before any long drive, you should take some time to address any necessary car maintenance issues. Popular Mechanics recommends checking to see if you need an oil change and making sure that you have enough radiator fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Double-check that your tires are properly inflated — you might also need to rotate them. 

You can also purchase new floor mats to keep your factory-installed carpets from collecting mud, dirt, salt, and other grime. When you’re buying new floor mats, check out reviews for different products first and try to find a product made from high-quality materials. Finally, if you suspect that your brake pads, air filters, or light bulbs need to be replaced, make an appointment with a mechanic well before your departure date. And don’t forget to update your car insurance policy if you’re not satisfied with your coverage.


Route and Schedule   

You may know your eventual destination, but you’ll need to plan out your overall route and decide on your road trip schedule. Whether you’re visiting relatives for the holidays or celebrating the season on your own, make sure that you have enough time to do everything you want to do. 

When deciding how long you’ll stay at each stop, keep in mind that some days are safer for drivers than others, so aim to do most of your driving during these safer times. For instance, Carwise states that you should try to avoid driving during the daily rush hour between 4 pm to 7 pm, as this is the time when most accidents occur. If you’ll be going on your road trip during the colder winter months, be prepared to drive in bad weather


Choose Outdoor Activities

What will you do on your road trip? While attending events that involve indoor gatherings is not the safest option, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors while traveling. During the holidays, many people will be traveling, so you should make an effort to avoid crowds. Visiting beautiful parks and natural wonders can be just as interesting as touring museums or dining at nice restaurants, and you’ll have plenty of room to roam without encountering other people. You might also want to go hiking — this will give you the chance to stretch your legs and get some much-needed exercise after being in the car for hours on end.


Pandemic Precautions

Even as it becomes safer to venture out of your home, you can’t neglect the importance of certain precautions. You do not want to get sick on your road trip. There’s nothing worse than feeling under the weather during the holidays. Pack plenty of masks and hand sanitizer, and continue social distancing during your journey. 

You may have postponed your original travel plans for this year because of the pandemic. In 2021, we will still have to take precautions and be careful to avoid contracting COVID-19. However, this does not mean that road trips will be off-limits. By following these guidelines, it’s entirely possible to stay safe when you hit the highway! 


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