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Most Beautiful Secret Beaches in Europe You Should Add to Your Post-Coronavirus Bucket List

The hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera

Most Beautiful Secret Beaches in Europe
The past year has been stress-filled, uncertain, and challenging for most of us. Not only have we had to deal with loss of various kinds, the loss of freedom to travel and explore, the loss of freedom to interact the way we’re accustomed to, all the way to the loss of our loved ones, the greatest one of all. The accumulated
stress of the pandemic has taken its toll, but we have yet to toil through the following few remaining months of the year, anticipating what 2021 will be all about. We hope to greet the New Year with a brighter outlook in terms of travel, so that we can heal and restore our sense of freedom.

In the meantime, in addition to following travel precautions during the pandemic and staying at home as much as possible, we can dream up the best possible list for the upcoming year. We can look forward to all the translucent waves greeting us at the cusp of a beach in France, or Croatia’s forest-laden islands in the Mediterranean, overlooking the vast blue of the sea. Here, we’ve compiled a list of several of the most stunning coastal stretches in Europe to add to your post-pandemic bucket list.

The pine-adorned Cala Escorxada
Most Beautiful Secret Beaches in EuropeAs if Spain isn’t enough, its islands can be even more alluring in terms of natural wealth, gorgeous beaches, and hidden nooks. Take Menorca as a perfect example and its many less-known wonders, but if you ask a local or an adventurous beach enthusiast, you’ll find that this little island is riddled with beaches fringed with pine trees, creating the perfect shade, and in idyllic contrast to the sand and iridescent waves.

Cala Escorxada fits that description perfectly, down to the natural shade and no crowds or noise. You can reach it on foot if you enjoy the hike, or by boat or kayak. It’s not easy to reach, so it takes a more determined mind to get there, but once you do, you’ll be embraced by its striking uniqueness. 

The hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera

The hidden gems of the Makarska RivieraCroatia and its nearby islands are perfect for anyone eager to get a glimpse of both friendly, sand-laden beaches, as well as their more rugged, dramatic counterparts. The Makarska Riviera in particular is one 38-mile stretch of absolute beauty. It’s ideal for those who crave some solitary time away from the crowds, and even more so for those who like the authentic look and feel of untouched Mediterranean.

If you want to reach some of its more secluded alcoves, you’ll need to use a motor yacht that can get you the most precious spots along the coastline, such as the hidden Nugal beach. They are compact and highly durable, proving extremely useful for venturing away from the more populous beaches of Croatia. 

Lisbon’s crown jewel, Adraga

The hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera

Portugal is certainly a wonderful destination for any yogi at heart, as you’ll find all kinds of dreamy retreats nestling in this diverse region of Europe. In addition to unparalleled wine and food, the capital of Portugal comes with all kinds of surprises, one of them being its coastline, worth exploring for every travel enthusiast with a soft spot for beaches. 

Although the most worthwhile beach isn’t directly in Lisbon, it’s a mere bus ride away, easy to reach, and belongs to the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. Praia de Adraga is stunning in its versatility, offering you to explore its tunnels, caves, as well as its peaceful, sandy coast.

The hidden gems of the Makarska Riviera

Europe is brimming with exotic, sandy beaches just waiting to be discovered. Maybe this year is their well-deserved rest, as Mother Nature is often oversaturated with our presence and thoughtless actions – perhaps there’s a lesson to be learned about fostering greater respect to what she so generously grants us. 

These beautiful alcoves of absolute serenity and unspoiled beauty await our curious steps, and hopefully, we’ll earn the right to explore them as soon as the pandemic is done. Until then, we can keep dreaming and planning our travels for the future.