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Jamaica Retreat


Jamaica yoga retreat

Surrounded by lush hills and valleys, a pristine river running through it, and the sun shining on the majestic landscape, this retreat location calls you to slow down, listen, and let go. This Jamaican retreat includes a private section of the beach with a beach house that is 15 minutes from the venue for your ocean getaways during your stay.

Whether you are practicing yoga, overlooking the endless mirage of lushness, eating the fresh local cuisine, hiking or horseback riding the trails, or learning pottery while overlooking the river, this Jamaican sanctuary is all about the full experience that can happen while on retreat.


  • Beautifully restored villas originally built in the 1700’s all with air conditioning and private bathrooms
  • Two pools to cool off during the warm Jamaican afternoons
  • Friendliest staff around that has been on-site for over 20+ years
  • Wonderful trail system for long mindful walks and hikes leading to a cleansing river where you can take a swim
  • Full horse stable offers trail rides through the property and surrounding trails
  • Professional pottery studio where you can take workshops onsite
  • Private Beach with beach house for your retreat beach days (15 mins drive and transportation is provided)



Join Luna and Katy for this once-in-a-lifetime yoga, meditation, and music retreat.  From the Jungle to the Sea, we will immerse ourselves in Jamaica’s sacred lands to slow down, find balance, and remember joy.  Good hope is a magical place located 20 minutes into the mountains on a 3000-acre fruit plantation.  Good Hope also has a wonderful beach dwelling that can be used as much as wished. Read more here.


In this week-long retreat in beautiful Jamaica, we’ll let go of the to-do lists and the “shoulds” and instead reconnect with our practice, our community, and our true Self. Through daily asana and meditation practices as well as the study of the Yoga Sutras, you’ll unite mind, body, and spirit and, in the meantime, connect with like-minded happy yogis in a fun and easy environment. Leave the retreat feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and re-focused on what’s truly important in life. Read more here.